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Book an active holiday with us and we take care of the rest. We book lovely hotels along the route and transport your luggage from accommodation to accommodation for you. You will receive detailed travel documents and also GPS data if you want. Of course do we also provide quality rental bikes which bring you safely from one spot to the next. In case of questions along your tour we are available through telephone. You see - it is only the cycling and walking you have to take care on your own. 

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Kattegat route

Cycle tours in Sweden

Lush green meadows, deep blue lakes, majestic mountains, small red wooden houses, friendly locals and hygge - yes, all this is Sweden! Get to know this cozy and beautiful country from a bike perspective with Active Scandinavia. On breathtaking bike rides around Stockholm, Gothenburg or even to Copenhagen you will discover the diversity of the country. Believe us - Sweden is really worth a bike trip!

Walking holidays in Sweden

Do you love to discover other cultures, cities and landscapes on foot? Then we have just the right thing for you with our hiking tours through our breathtaking country! Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg offer unique hiking routes for every fitness level. Nature lovers in particular will feel comfortable on our hiking tours in Sweden, as you are connected to nature in a very special way.

Exploring Stockholm in a kayak

Multi-Active tours in Sweden

You love both cycling and hiking and don't want or can't decide between these two types of active travel? No problem, our multi-activity trips in Sweden combine both activities. You spend some days on your bike and the other days you lace up your hiking boots. A perfect combination for all outdoor fans!

Family holidays in Sweden

Sweden is especially worth seeing for families with children! On our active holidays for families you will discover several adventures in Stockholm or along the Kattegattleden on short stages. Many boat trips and admissions are included in the tour price, so you can embark on a journey of discovery from a child's perspective.

Useful information about your active trip in Sweden

Harbour of Gothenburg

Climate in Sweden

The very best time to travel to Sweden is definitely summer. Between May and September there are pleasantly mild temperatures and the sun almost never sets, creating magical light conditions. So you can enjoy warm summer days during the day and cozy nights under the midnight sun. The further north you are, the more hours of sunshine you get per day. In the northernmost part, the sun never sets in summer. In the winter it doesn't show up very long. Therefore, you should definitely book your next active trip to Sweden in summer.

Typical Swedish fika
Delicious sea food

The Swedish Cuisine

Anyone who thinks we only have crispbread and fish in Sweden is definitely wrong. Even if Swedish cuisine is often described as simple and good, it has a lot to offer. Fresh and regional products such as game, vegetables, fish and herbs play a major role. The most famous Swedish dish, which is known from the Swedish furniture store IKEA, is called Köttbullar. Meatballs in a creamy sauce with mashed potatoes, cucumber salad and lingonberry jam are not only enjoyed by the Swedes. But other dishes such as sill (herring), isterband (a coarse fried sausage), kroppkakor (potato dumplings with meat filling), smoked salmon or simply pannkaka (pancakes) are also popular for lunch. What else should not be missed is the typical Swedish fika. This term describes the tea or coffee break in the morning and afternoon, it is an integral part of Swedes' cuisine.

Did you know that...

  • Finland used to be a part of Sweden.
  • Sweden has not been involved in any war for over 200 years.
  • more than half of Sweden is covered with forests.
  • Swedish lobster is also known as black gold. If you ask a Swede, they are the tastiest in the world.
  • the refrigerator is a Swedish invention.
  • compared to the rest of the world, Sweden has the fewest murders.
  • in Sweden live about 400.000 moose
  • Sweden is the country of many famous musicians, for example Roxette, Zara Larsson, Avicii and of course ABBA. 

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