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 It's the best way to travel!

Book an active holiday with us and we take care of the rest. We book lovely hotels along the route and transport your luggage from accommodation to accommodation for you. You will receive detailed travel documents and also GPS data if you want. Of course do we also provide quality rental bikes which bring you safely from one spot to the next. In case of questions along your tour we are available through telephone. You see - it is only the cycling and walking you have to take care on your own. 

Contact us to help you find the perfect tour. We are looking forward to hear from you! 

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The route notes were excellent and the trail was very easy to follow and of a very good standard. The hotels were also excellent and made the most of the locations they were in. We returned home from a very nice holiday in Sweden, we had a very good time and enjoyed the tour very much!

Did you know that...

  • Finland used to be a part of Sweden?
  • Sweden has not been involved in a war for more than 200 year?
  • more than half of Sweden is covered with forests?
  • Swedish lobster is also known as black gold? According to Swedes it's the tastiest in the world.
  • the refrigerator is a Swedish invention?
  • there are the fewest murders in Sweden in a global comparison.
  • Swedes drink ca. 3,2 cups of coffee per person and day? We are second, Finland is in first place, they drink even more coffee. 

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