With our bike app it is so much easier to find your way on our trips as you do not need to look at maps and detailed route descriptions. The app is free of charge, without advertisements and works for every smartphone (Android, Iphone). We are happy to provide you with GPS files for your booked trip and also GPS coordinates for your hotels. This service is free of charge, just send us a request per email before your trip begins and we are happy to provide all details to you.


Good to know: The maps can also be used offline so eventual roaming costs are avoided.

Our bike app

How to use the app:

  • Download the app
  • Ask us for your GPS files and hotel list
  • Download the GPS files into the app
  • Open the files on your mobile phone 
  • Open the respective route for the day in the app
  • Off you go!

Download the App

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What can you do with the app?
  • Our Active Scandinavia App is available for Android and iPhone, free of charge and without advertising.

  • Our Active Scandinavia App can be used offline. We recommend downloading the required data at home or in the hotel wifi.

  • Our Active Scandinavia App is intuitive: all information and routes are easy to find without any training.

  • Our Active Scandinavia App always shows you the way with real-time navigation: turn-by-turn directions are shown on the display and can also be used via voice output. This eliminates uncertainties during your journey.

  • Our Active Scandinavia App always shows your current position: so you can see directly and at any time whether you are on the right track! If you should nevertheless leave the route, you will be warned by an alert signal.

  • Our Active Scandinavia App shows you the entire route of the selected day's stage with just a few clicks - including altitude, distance covered and remaining distance.

  • Our Active Scandinavia App shows you the entire route with just a few clicks, including points of interest along the way (sights and more) or, if you wish, just the selected day's stage.

  • Our Active Scandinavia App is a guaranteed and easy way to navigate you through your active holidays!

Now let's find the perfect tour to use our fantastic app!