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Fun facts about Norway

  • Norway has the most islands in Europe: 150,000.
  • Seeds from all over the world are stored on Spitsbergen - underground to protect the seeds at its best from external influences.
  • Similar to Sweden, alcohol can only be bought in a dedicated shop: Vinmonopolet.
  • Norway has the tallest wooden house in the world, the Mjøstårnet is 81m high.
  • In Longyearbyen, dying is forbidden by law. Why? The ground is too frozen to dig holes.
  • Every year the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London comes from Norway
  • In December only 50% of income tax is deducted from the salary to have more money for Christmas presents.

Popular active holidays in Norway


Sognefjord cycling holiday

8 Days | self-guided
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Sognefjord hiking holiday

7 Days | self-guided
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