South Fyn is a very popular summer destination for active travellers. Discover all the hidden gems in this beloved part of Denmark on this bike holiday. Whether you love cycling along beautiful beaches, over breathtaking hills with stunning views or through charming villages with cosy cafés, South Fyn is the perfect holiday destination. The ferry ride to Ærø gives you intriguing glimpses into life on the small islands, inhabitated only by few people – and in some cases, only by grazing cattle. Ærø itself is a highlight, with fertile landscapes where small farms sit idyllic between rolling hills and small, old maritime towns. Your hotels are on the beach just outside Svendborg and Faaborg (2-3 km) so you can enjoy being close to nature and sandy beaches. There are also hotels on the island of Ærø available. We highly recommend you to visit the ”capital” of Fyn, Odense, which is the home town of the world famous poet and fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen. Odense has it all: charming high streets, fascinating museums and galleries, inviting green parks and delightful cafés. Odense is also known for being a remarkably bike-friendly city. In fact, there is no better way to explore this modern, lively and authentically "hyggelige" city than by bike. 

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Wind mill


Svendborg is a vibrant and exciting town with a historical centre. Shops and restaurants offer tasty, healthy and locally grown food, which has become a brand for South Fyn: “The Taste of Fyn" (“Smagen af Fyn”). You can explore the traditional wooden shipyard or visit the modern museum of natural history, Naturama. Your hotel is situated with easy access to cycle-friendly roads. If you have rented bikes, they will be at the hotel on the afternoon of your arrival.

Explore the beautiful surroundings of Svendborg. Go across the bridge to the island of Thurø, where you can visit the maritime centre. Take the vintage ship 'M/S Helge' to Tåsinge where you pass cute, timbered houses on your way to Valdemar's Castle. You can also go see the more than 400-year- old oak tree The Ambrosius Oak and visit various farm shops along the way. As you bike along the peaceful roads, you will pass stunning nature sights and beautiful views. Stop by at the cosy harbour Skovballe Havn and breathe in the fresh ocean air. Don’t forget to visit Svendborg Brewery, where you can buy local beer and wine and delicious chocolate. You can also spend the day at Egeskov Castle, north of Svendbord. Egeskov Castle offers great experiences for the whole family. Here you can explore one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, where you'll also find a fun maze, as well as a playground, a large collection of vintage cars and motorbikes, a hunting and trophy museum and much more. 

Take the ferry from Svendborg to Ærøskøbing on Ærø (departing mid-morning; sailing time is about 1 hour). On Ærø you will find yourself in a 19th-century atmosphere, with narrow cobblestone lanes, half-timbered houses with hollyhocks - and lots of time. Everywhere you go you will find farm shops where you can buy fruit, vegetables and honey. Ærø has its own brewery and is known for its production of ice cream and chocolate. You are never far away from the beach or a bench and each of the three main towns has its own charm.

Bike along the coastline to Voderup Klint and Vitsø Mill. You should also visit the manor Søbygaard with its interesting art exibitions and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at a small cycle café, a little south of Søby. Later on in the afternoon, you will take a ferry from Søby to Faaborg (sailing time approx. 1 hour).

Enjoy a day in Svanninge Bakker (The ”Alps” of Fyn), one of the most exciting nature areas on Fyn, created during the Ice Age. You can also visit the small village of Diernæs, passing Kaleko Mill on your way, where the very popular Danish Christmas show Nissebanden was filmed. You can also pass great woods, shelters and Holstenshuus Castle. Continue cycling to Falsted where one of the best restaurants in Denmark is located, afterwards you return to Faaborg. Alternatively, you can do a more relaxed trip, cycling to the beaches on the Horneland peninsula, to the west of Faaborg.

Cycle along an absolutely idyllic route along the coastline to Svendborg. Remember to stop for a picnic at one of the picnic areas on the way. If you want to extend the day’s stage, we suggest you cycle through the South Fyn hills, passing meltwater lakes and fertile fields with cud-chewing cattle, before heading to Svendborg along the coast.

After breakfast your cycling holiday ends. We are happy to book extra nights to extend your stay. 

Tour character

You cycle mainly on flat terrain with some smaller hills. It's an easy tour for cyclists in normal shape. You are cycling on bike paths and side roads with less traffic. 

Services and extras

Services included

Services included: 

  • Overnights in chosen 3***- and 4****-hotels
  • Breakfast 
  • Luggage transportation from hotel to hotel
  • 1x ferry trip Svendborg-Ærø
  • 1x ferry trip Ærø-Faaborg
  • Well elaborated route
  • Detailed travel documents: route maps, route description, tourist attractions and sights, important telephone numbers, GPS data (1x per booked room)
  • Service Hotline


  • Rental bike

Not included:

  • Travel insurance
  • All services not mentioned under services included
More information

Arrival / Parking:

  • By car: Hotel car park, free of charge, reservation not possible.
  • By flight: Airports Billund or Copenhagen, and by bus/train to Svendborg. 
  • By train: Svendborg train station, and by taxi to your first hotel.

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